Sèvres, France


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Greg Habert

Birth date : November 29th

Born the 29th of November 1981, Greg started practising Aikido in September 1989 at the ACBB. It was just by chance that, at 8 years old, he was keen to do some sport. Jean Gache was his first teacher for almost 15 years and then he was taught by Michel Béart.

However, it was his meeting with Tiki Shewan that changed his vision of Aikido. Greg spent most of his time following Tiki on courses in France and abroad. Indeed it was Tiki that introduced him to Tamura Sensei and Yamada sensei and he became an avid follower, taking every opportunity to participate in their courses. Meanwhile he also trained with Rene VDB (now deceased), Stephane Benedetti, Brahim Ahmed Si Guesmi and Jean Marc Chamot. He learned from these masters the value of work and commitment and benefited from their wealth of of knowledge and their different approaches to this art.

Greg passed all his grades successfully and has been a full time teacher since 2007. He currently holds 5th dan Aikido, 4th Dan Iaido FEI. He continues to train and brings with him many of its students on internships, which he attends.

He is a board member of IDF FFAB where he has been the chair of communication commission. 

He is an official jury member of the FFAB DAN grade examinations.

Né le 29 novembre 1981 il commence par hasard l’aïkido en Septembre 1989 à l’ACBB.

Très vite l’aïkido devient sa passion. Il débute son apprentissage tout d’abord auprès de Jean Gache puis de Michel Bécart. Sa rencontre avec Tiki Shewan va changer sa vision de l’aïkido. Il consacre la majorité de son temps pour suivre tous ses stages en France et à l’étranger. C’est par Tiki qu’il découvre Tamura Sensei puis Yamada sensei et devient un fervent pratiquant de leurs stages. Parallèlement il se forme auprès de René VDB (aujourd’hui disparu), Stéphane Benedetti, Brahim et Ahmed Si Guesmi et Jean Marc Chamot. Il apprend auprès de tous ces maîtres la valeur du travail et de l’engagement ainsi que la richesse de leurs différentes approches de cet art.

Il passe tous ses grades avec succès. Enseignant depuis 2007, 5ème dan d’Aïkido, 4ème dan de Iaido FEI, il continue de se former et entraîne avec lui bon nombre de ses élèves sur les stages auquel il assiste.

Il est membre du comité directeur IDF FFAB où il préside la commission communication.

Il est membre officiel des jurys de passage des Grades DAN de la FFAB.

Height: 6'

Weight: 191 lbs.


Paris, France